We are building one of the largest Gigafactories in the world, producing state-of-the-heart batteries to satisfy dramatic growth in global demand.

We are powering the green revolution.

Gigafactory giga-facts
Italvolt in numbers
The target cell production capacity for the Gigafactory, making it one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world.
The footprint of the Gigafactory, including 20,000 m2 for the creation of an advanced R&D center.
When production is scheduled to begin at the site. Civil works are due to begin in 2023.
Recent highlights and stories

26 · 10 · 2022

Bosch Executive Joins to Accelerate Creation of Italian Gigafactory

Joerg Klingler has been appointed as Board Member of Italvolt

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21 · 07 · 2022

Italvolt partners with Politecnico di Milano to create Italy’s first ‘closed-loop’ battery development process

Politecnico will help Italvolt create a ‘closed loop’ battery development process, which includes supply of primary as well as secondary raw materials from spent lithium-ion batteries

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04 · 05 · 2022

AECOM joins Italvolt project developing Italy’s largest Gigafactory

Global infrastructure consultant to provide process and supply chain optimisation

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09 · 06 · 2022

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