Italvolt continues with institutional meetings for the construction of Italy’s first Gigafactory
22 · 06 · 2021

Italvolt continues with institutional meetings for the construction of Italy’s first Gigafactory

The start of the construction works for the complex designed by Pininfarina is confirmed for the first half of 2022.

Italvolt’s meetings continue with the official bodies for the construction of the first gigafactory in Italy that is destined also to become the largest of its kind in Europe thanks to its approx. 300,000 m2 of floor space and an initial capacity of 45 GWh, with an estimated 3,500 workers to be hired and about 10,000 jobs created in allied activities. The objective is to start the Scarmagno plant’s construction works in the first half of next year and to start producing batteries by the end of 2024.

In these last few months, Italvolt has defined the industrial roadmap by meeting with potential investors, the local governmental institutions and the representatives of the local association of Confindustria, with whom it has shared objectives, strategies and action plan for the execution of the project. In the first week of June, Lars Carlstrom, Italvolt’s CEO and founder, held a set of important meetings with the mayors of Scarmagno, Strambino, Romano Canavese, Mercenasco, Viafre and Ivrea, and with the President of Anpci Torino and the President of Confindustria Canavese who appealed to the Italian government to pay attention to the Italvolt project whose mechanisms have already been initiated and, thanks to consistent public support, could become operational in a short period of time. The project has also been discussed with the Department for Environmental and Architectural Assets of the Piedmont Region.

Adriano Grassino, the mayor of Scarmagno, declared: “I am sure I am correctly expressing the opinion of all of the mayors here that we are fully satisfied with the information Italvolt has shared with us in the course of our recent meeting, since it confirms how the project is progressing speedily and determinedly. A clear indication of this is the fact that the Pininfarina designers have already met with the officials of the Bodies involved and whose opinion is binding for the drafting and implementation of the project. The mayors present also appreciated the availability and attention paid to replying to the various questions presented and especially

Italvolt’s desire to commit to periodically meeting the group for an update on how the project itself is progressing. As the mayor of Scarmagno I am looking forward to the future revamping of the former Olivetti industrial area that will derive from it and to the ensuing positive impact this will have on the economic and occupational situation of the Canavese area, of the Piedmont area and of Italy as a whole. The municipality of Scarmagno is ready to play its role to the extent that is required”. Patrizia Paglia, President of Confindustria Canavese, commented: “The information received during last week’s meeting has increased our confidence in the realization of the project. We believe it is Confindustria Canavese’s duty to offer its full support in contributing to its execution, for the benefit of the local territory and of the industrial chain of Canavese, of Piedmont and of Italy”.

The Architecture Division of Pininfarina, the iconic automotive design brand in charge of the plant’s design, intends to present the final project via SUAP (the Italian one-stop business helpdesk) procedure in late autumn so as to be able to apply for the necessary plant construction permits by the end of the year.

Italvolt is also finalizing an agreement to be entered into with the industrial partner chosen for the definition of the technology to be used for the production of batteries, and can already count on the partnerships ongoing with American Manganese, who will take care of battery recycling, and with Tüv Sud, in charge of certifying the products and of guaranteeing the compliance of all production processes with the ESG criteria.

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